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Requests are a game mechanic in Atelier Marie: The Alchemist of Salburg.

All requests are given out by Dio Schenk or Flea Schenk at the local tavern. The requests that Dio will give are randomized from game to game and change every 10 days.[1] Completing requests rewards Marie with money and reputation. Each request has a set dead line that it must be completed by. Requests range in difficulty and can be requested by multiple characters.

Additional requests may be given to Marie by characters who have a high friendship while she is inside her workshop.[2]


  • The amount of requests you currently have is indicated by the star icon on the upper right side of the screen that can be seen while Marie is in town.[3]
  • It is possible to ask Dio about requests before accepting it. If asked for more information, Dio will tell you if you already have the items required, what type of item it is, item level and if you have made the item before or not.[4] If you happen to have the item requested, you can hand it in right away.
  • It's best to do requests that are achievable. Completing easier requests in a timely manner will not only pay in full, but also increases Marie's reputation favorably.
  • Although a large monetary reward can sound tempting for a difficult request, failing to complete a request or completing it late can have serious consequences:
    • If Marie completes a request late, pay is reduced (even one day past the deadline). If a request takes too long, Dio will cancel the request and scold Marie that she took too long. She will receive no pay whatsoever. Failed (or cancelled) requests affect not only Marie's wallet, but also her reputation.[5]