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Reyfer Luckberry is a playable character in Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky and a supporting character in Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea

He wanders around the Twilight World in search of treasure. As they have similar mindsets, he co-operates in ruin exploring with Escha and Logy.[2]

Reyfer was born in a poor village. After years of bad harvest and misfortunes he ran away and lived isolated in the mountains, supported himself by hunting. He was one day aided by a middle aged man who gave him a share of a meal. The same man became his teacher in treasure hunting, who also told him to buy a dream if he would obtain a large amount of money. Since then Reyfer has been looking for a dream.

He is a romanticist, and pokes his head into anything he finds interesting. He's proficient in the art of surviving and because of his strong intuition, he has overcome several troubles in the past[3]. He is very well-informed about ruins and because of his background he is a very thrifty person[4][5]


Atelier Escha & Logy[]

Reyfer is a treasure hunter who aids the development team and joins Escha and Logy in their investigations. Reyfer is available as a playable party member and has his own ending.

Reyfer met Harry during his journey and the two traveled to the Southern Ruins near Colseit together, where they encounter Escha and Logy. Escha and Logy have been informed of the arrival of a specialist from Central, but to their surprise they see a woman (Threia) arguing with two men (Reyfer and Harry). Unable to tell which one is the specialist, the player will be allowed to choose who to follow. How he is encountered a second time differs depending on the player's choice, but he will join the party no matter what.

Atelier Shallie[]

In Atelier Shallie, Reyfer continues traveling with Harry. Shallistera and Shallotte first encounter them when they arrive at Faav Village in Chapter 6. They will stay there for the rest of the game.


Depending of the choice in the Southern Ruins, he can join the party during second assignment's free time (if chosen to follow him and Harry) or at the beginning of third assignment (if chosen to follow Threia). He starts at level 15. He possesses high attack and HP stats, but lacks in speed and MP. Some of his skills can also inflict additional fire damage. Several of his battle abilities will make item's drop rate higher or increase the amount of money earned. His special move is called Gun Carnival.


Reyfer uses guns.


He can equip clothes and light armors.


Active skills[]

Skill Learning condition MP cost Description Target Attribute
Wide Shot Default 12 MP Deals physical damage and continuous damage for 1 turn. Medium enemy area Physical
Dragon Breath Default 17 MP Deals physical and fire damage to the target. Single enemy Physical
Buster Cannon Level 25 22 MP Deals physical and fire damage to the target. Enemy line Physical
Gun Carnival Level 30 0 MP Finishing Attack. Deals massive physical damage to the target. Single enemy Physical

Passive skills[]

Skill Learning condition Description
Treasure Sense Default You receive a bonus to item drop chance and money earned.
Romanticist Level 20 Increases hit and dodge chance when HP is low and/or when fighting powerful foes.

Chain skills[]

Skill Learning condition Support Gauge consumption Description Target
Support Guard Default 1/2 point Protects the target from an enemy attack and reduces damage. Single ally
Hard Guard "Linked Guards" research 1/2 point Strengthens Support Guard to reduce damage by 50%. Single ally
Support Attack Default 1 point An additional attack. Later attacks will cause more damage. Single enemy
Area Attack "Linked Attacks" research 1 point Increases Support Attack area from “single target” to “small area”. Small enemy area
Banditry After 6th character joins 1 point, 200% Damage Rate Special Support. Physical damage and increases chance of obtaining items. Single enemy
Trinket Dart "Linked Specials" research 1 point, 200% Damage Rate Special Support. Deals physical damage to the target, and guarantees item drops. Single enemy



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