Roxis Rosenkrantz
Japanese ロクシス・ローゼンクライツ
Birthday August 24th
Height 173 cm (5 '​8 '​ '​)
Weight 56 kg (123 lbs.
Blood Type A
Appearances Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis
Voice Daisuke Kishio (JP)

Patrick Seitz (NA)

Roxis Rosenkrantz (ロクシス・ローゼンクライツ, Rokushisu Rōzenkuraitsu) or Roxis is a playable character in Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis.

Coming from the noble family of Rosenkrantz, he seemed to hate Vayne for a reason, yet he fulfilled his promise of joining Vayne's workshop if he loses against him in the School Arena.

Roxis is a cool, yet sarcastic young male. He is very prideful in his knowledge on alchemy, and he can come off as stubborn and annoying, however he is just simply pushing himself to meet his own high standards. He is the lone wolf of the group, distancing himself from everyone and absorbed himself in alchemic studies. Apparently, Roxis has a hidden obsession to obtain a Mana, since among the group, he is the only one not contracted to a Mana, except when player pursues his ending.

Roxis is also a very obedient young man, following every instructions given to him however, he is a man of honor, upholding his promise and openly expresses his dislike on the dirty method Tony uses to distract the party.

Role in Mana KhemiaEdit

Roxis is first introduced as a cool student enrolling in academy. Flay, hearing this news, immediately set off to force Roxis to join the workshop, but he is already a member of the Tony's workshop, much to Flay's chagrin. He later appears to the party as they make their way to the Huffin Tree at the school exam event at the end of Chapter 2, instructed by Tony to distract the party from reaching the Huffin Tree. Vayne and his party tried to talk him over, but in the end they were forced to fight him, Vayne and co. proved victorious in the end. As they left, Roxis cursed at the notion of having a Mana make a huge difference in battle.

He later appears as final opponent in School Arena event, paired up with Tony to battle Vayne and Flay in the final stage of the arena. Once again, he was oblivious to the fact that Tony had Renee kidnapped Jess to make Flay disqualified from the event, and on Tony's behalf, he apologized to Vayne, but told him that his hatred remains the same. After Vayne had saved Jess, he appeared at the right time to fight Roxis and Tony. Roxis, was, once again defeated.

Character QuestEdit

His Character Quest began with his effort to make a pact with Mana of Light as well as allowing to use him for synthesizing. It also shows him getting in terms with Vayne as well as the other workshop members, such as Pamela, although in the latter's case it did not turn out as well.


Roxis is a very accomplished student in his studies. He is well-read in alchemy and general knowledge, and is highly knowledgeable in the history of alchemy. He is also a good dueler, as he came from the family who made their living with playing cards. He is also a good alchemist, able to make high level Mana Items such as Tranquilizer.

In BattleEdit

Roxis is the most balanced character out of the three mages of party: Jess, Pamela and Roxis. He has a balanced HP and MP cap, yet his stats favors magic, making him a good magic striker. He is the third best mage out of the party, since he is heavily outclassed by Jess and Pamela in terms of MP cap, yet he come as the best mage in terms of HP cap, since he has the largest HP cap among all the mages in party. His skills are unique, since he has the most card gauge skills out of all party member as well as have literal control over the turn order. This combined with his ability to heal characters from debuffs as well as shield them from it make him almost invaluable in some events, such as the ninetails sidequest.

His attribute is Spirit Striker, making him very advantageous against Mana-race monsters.

His Finishing Burst is Duelists, where he sends the Mana of Light together with a deck of cards to assault them with lasers. It is Magic in attribute, targets single enemy and hits for x6 HIT.

Skill Table - Grow BookEdit

Name MP Cost Type Attack Description Type Effect Target
Energy Seal None Magic Deal damage with a deck of cards ATK Support Seal Single Enemy x1 HIT
Swift Change None None Guard attack in place of an ally DEF Support + HIT normal attack Self Only
Purifying 37 MP Double Magic Damages enemy within area ATK Skill Card Gauge Select Skill, clear enemy cards. 5 cards x1 HIT
Retraction 75 MP Magic Move ally cards within range to act faster SUP Skill Card gauge select skill 5 cards
Judgment 150 MP Magic Places a timecard that deals great damage. ATK Skill Time Skill, places 1 timecard, lasts 3 turns. Single Enemy x5 HIT
Trick Edge 135 MP Magic Do damage. The more empty cards in the card gauge, the higher the damage. ATK Skill None Single Enemy
Prevention 30 MP None Mana of Light cures all allies debuffs SUP Skill Immune to debuff All Allies
Moon Drive 25 MP Magic Places timecard that deals damage ATK Skill Time skill, places 3 timecards. Single Enemy x1 HIT
Lunar Drive 48 MP Magic Mana of Light deals damage. ATK Skill Time skill, places 3 timecards. Range(S) x5 HIT
Chrona Drive 90 MP Magic Mana of Light deals medium damage. ATK Skill Time skill, places 3 timecards. Range(M) x5 HIT


  • Curiously enough, Roxis is 17 at the series, yet he was enrolled at the same time as Vayne and co., making him at the same grade as them.
  • He is the only playable character appearing as boss battle in main storyline.
  • Also, he is the only playable character that makes a pact with a mana in a character storyline. He can't learn some skills in the Grow Book (and also can't make a Finishing Burst) until you reach certain chapter in his storyline.
  • Roxis's hatred for Vayne was never fully explained in the game, although it can be implied that his hatred is due to jealousy of Vayne for being the son of Theofratus, Vayne's literate father, as well as his abilities, his possession of a Mana and how he was able to easily get into the school. It was stated that Roxis felt that while he had to work for everything, Vayne instead had it all from the start.
  • While his name, Roxis, does not have any particular etymology, his last name, Rosenkrantz, originates from Germany. Rosen is the German word of 'rose', alternatively written as 'rozen' (implied in his Japanese name romanization, rozenkuraitsu). The complete word, Rosenkrantz, is a mis-spelling of Rosenkranz, which is German for "Ring of Roses" or "Bough of Roses". A Rosenkranz is also a special type of Rosary used in special prayers, which in turn, could trace back to Roxis using the Mana of Light as well as cards, which are known as prayer mediums in certain cultures.
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