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"You're a resident of this town. It's a knight's duty to protect the residents."
— Sterk, Atelier Rorona

Sterkenburg "Sterk" Cranach is a recurring character in the Arland series. He is a supporting character in Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland, Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland, Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland and Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland.

Sterk was a knight stationed in Arland, and is an extremely loyal and hard working individual. He has great respect for the King of Arland and lives to protect others. After Arland became a republic and knighthood was abolished, Sterk became a powerful adventurer and a self-proclaimed knight, unable to change his lifestyle.

Sterk's main goal becomes to chase the former king of Arls during the events of Atelier Totori and Atelier Meruru. He is determined to question Gio about why he abolished the knighthood, and also wishes to best him in a duel.

Sterk is somewhat infamous for his intimidating looks. Although he means no harm, people often scream or act shocked when seeing him for the first time (and often subsequent times). Even though he's a bit reclusive with people, he shares a special bond with pigeons.


Atelier Rorona[]

Sterk is a knight stationed at Arland's castle. He comes to deliver the message to Astrid that her workshop is under threat of being closed down. After Rorona is put to the task of saving the workshop, Sterk is commanded to deliver assignments to Rorona that will appease the Ministry. He dislikes working for Meredith Alcock, but carries out his task loyally. He also has a romantic history with Astrid that ended poorly, leading to Astrid frequently trying to get under his skin.

Aside from delivering tasks to Rorona, he can also be hired as an escort. He is expensive at first, but by completing his requests from the guild, the cost to hire him will decrease.

Atelier Totori[]

Sterk is still living in Arland, but is adjusting to life after the knighthood was abolished. He works as an adventurer, but still thinks himself a knight. His main goal is to find the former king Gio, but he has so far been unsuccessful.

Sterk can be recruited from the Main Street in Arland, near the Sunrise Cafe.

In Sterk's character events, he at first unwillingly becomes Gino's teacher, eventually embracing the younger boy's enthusiasm. He is also shown to be profoundly unlucky, which leads to a particularly unpleasant encounter when Totori tries to take him to catch a legendary giant fish.

Atelier Meruru[]

Sterk returns as one of Meruru's escorts. Extremely fond of Arls's old-fashioned kingdom, he resists unwanted change by living as a self-proclaimed knight. He becomes particularly attached to the ideal of creating a new knighthood now that he's in the service of a princess, matching his childhood dream as stated in Atelier Rorona. His attitude puts him in direct conflict with the straight-laced Rufus Falken, who is more than annoyed with having to deal with Sterk's impulsive behavior.

In his events, he continues to chase after his former master and king of Arland, Gio. By now he's accepted the former King's choices, but still wishes to eventually best him in a duel. Sterk additionally finds his former student Gino has the same wish of surpassing him, matching the recurring theme of teachers and students that exists throughout the Arland series.

Atelier Lulua[]

Sterk first appears in Chapter 3, when he and Totori save Lulua and her party from a dragon outside Orthogalaxen.

He reappers in Chapter 7, having created his own version of a knighthood with the "Citizens Guard" and travelling throughout Arland as part of his work to keep people safe. His past history with Rorona heavily influences his events.

In Battle[]

Atelier Rorona[]


Main article: Weapons (Atelier Rorona)
Name Ingredient Choices ATK Effect
A11 item 168
Knight Sword
Neue Metal
11 Blitz Strike
Phantom Ride
A11 item 169
Heavy Sword
?Heavy Sword?
Dry Metal
17 Blitz Strike
Fish Busting
Phantom Ride
A11 item 170
Alloy Sword
?Steel Sword?
Ster Metal
24 Phantom Ride
Demon Beast Busting
Thunder Blitz
A11 item 171
Wizard Sword
?Magical Sword?
32 Blitz Strike
Phantom Ride
Fish Busting
Thunder Blitz
A11 item 172
Scale Sword
?Trained Sword?
41 Phantom Ride
Thunder Blitz
Demon Beast Busting
Imperial Ride
A11 item 173
Eternal Sword
?Phantom Sword?
Halmolium 57 Thunder Blitz
Imperial Ride
Fish Busting
Maximum Strike



Main article: Skills (Atelier Rorona)
Skill Name Skill Detail Element Target Unlock
Aedel Strike Non-Elemental Damage -- Single From Beginning
Cross Ride Non-Elemental Damage -- Target: Horizontal Level 5
Knight's Lesson *Auto* Increase Assist Defense -- N/A Level 10
Inner Flame *Auto* More Damage Inflicted to Stronger Enemies -- N/A Level 20
Justice End *Deadly* ??? Wind 5 ??? Level 25
Blitz Strike Wind Element Damage
Expand: Aedel Strike
-- Single Based on Weapon Quality
Thunder Blitz Wind Elemental Damage
Expand: Aedel Strike
Wind 1 Vertical Based on Weapon Quality
Maximum Strike Non-Elemental Damage
Expand: Aedel Strike
Wind 2 Vertical Based on Weapon Quality
Phantom Ride Non-Elemental Damage
Expand: Cross Ride
Wind 1 Horizontal Based on Weapon Quality
Imperial Ride Non-Elemental Damage
Expand: Cross Ride
Wind 3 Horizontal Based on Weapon Quality

Atelier Rorona Plus[]

Sterk joins at the start of the second assignment at level 13, equipped with a Knight Sword and Gentleman's Coat.


Active skills[]
Skill Learning Condition MP cost Description Target Attribute
Aedel Strike Default 12 MP Physical and lightning damage on one enemy. Single enemy Physical, Lightning
Cross Ride Default 18 MP Physical damage and lightning damage on a row. Horizontal enemy row Physical, Lightning
Maximum Strike Level 25 48 MP Physical damage to a vertical row of enemies. Vertical enemy row Physical
Passive skills[]
Skill Learning Condition Description
Knight's Lesson Default Assist defense up.
Inner Flame Level 20 Increases stats when fighting stronger enemies.
Assist skills[]
Skill Learning Condition Assist Gauge consumption Description Target
Assist Attack Default 1 point Perform an additional attack to deal damage after Rorona attacks with items or skills. Rorona's target
Assist Guard Default 1 point Guard Rorona when she is targeted, taking damage in her place. Rorona
Thunder Blitz Level 15 1 point (second attack) Lightning damage + slow effect on a vertical row. Vertical enemy row

Atelier Totori[]


Main article: Weapons (Atelier Totori)
Skill Level HP MP LP ATK DEF SPD Ingredient Choices
A12 Item 271
Vagabond Sword
1 - - - 15 - - Ingot
A12 Item 272
Eternal Sword
?Famous Sword?
3 - - - 21 - - Tinc
Dry Metal
Ster Metal
A12 Item 273
?Magic Sword?
5 - - - 33 - - Goldstein


A12 Item 274
?Dragon Killer?
7 - - - 51 - - Platine
A12 Item 275
Koenig Beil
?Supreme Sword?
9 - - - 70 - 10 Halmolium


Main article: Skills (Atelier Totori)
Skill Level Learned MP cost Description Target
Sword Blitz Default 17 MP Lightning damage to all targets. All enemies
Judgement Default 24 MP Attack one foe. Single
Lichtschneiden Default 0 MP Super Attack. Attacks one foe. Single
Lifelong Hardship Default N/A Buffs yield higher effects. Passive ability. N/A
Inner Flame Default N/A Stats up against strong foes. Passive ability. N/A

Atelier Meruru[]


Main article: Weapons (Atelier Meruru)
Name Level HP MP LP ATK DEF SPD Ingredients
Vagabond Sword 3 27
  • Tinc

  • Dry Metal

Dragon Slayer 5 37
  • Ster Metal

  • Platine

Knight's Blade 7 20 46
  • Halmolium

  • Sunlite

Klau Solas 10 30 58 15
  • Regentium


Main article: Skills (Atelier Meruru)
Skill Level Learned MP Usage Skill Description
Knight's Amulet Starting level 36 15% drop in all damage to party.
Grand Bell Starting level 42 Non-elemental and Lightning damage to a line of enemies.
Light Storm Starting level 24 Non-elemental and Lightning damage to a target.
Falken Wind Starting level 58 Non-elemental and Lightning damage to all enemies.
Inner Flame Starting level N/A Abilities increase when facing an enemy of higher level. Passive ability.
Knight's Pride Starting level N/A Raises crit rate by 50%. Passive ability.
Gaia Breaker Starting level N/A Special ability; huge damage to a target. Gauge required.


Ending - Sterk

Appearances in Other Media[]

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate[]

WO3U - Sterkenburg

Sterkenburg as he appears in Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate

It was revealed that Sterkenburg will be guest-starring in Koei's latest re-release of Warriors Orochi 3 (Musou Orochi 2 in Japan) as a playable guest character. He will be joining the series alongside other guest characters such as Ryu Hayabusa of Ninja Gaiden fame, Kasumi of Dead or Alive fame, as well as characters from other various Koei games.

His story is that after finishing his duty of escorting Princess Meruru, he finds himself dragged into a space-time distortion as he returns to Arland[1]. When first brought to the strange new world he encounters Princess Sun Shangxiang, as well as her allies Huang Gai, Yoshimoto, and Motochika. While initially hostile towards the group, after finding she is a Princess he swears loyalty to her, and vows to protect her from the demons of the land, as any knight would protect a princess. Shangxiang states she is not a princess who needs protecting, and vows to fight alongside him as his equal in battle. The group then readies them selves to face the upcoming hoard of demons, as friends and allies.

Sterks introduction stage has him and his new found friends fighting to reunite twin village girls, who have been separated while trying to flee the demons. They find that the land of Xu Province has been merged with a strange Labyrinth filled with books within the caves walls, floating platforms, and glowing floating orbs. They are able to reunite the separated sisters, but are then faced to fight against the forces of Dong Zhuo. Now caught in the middle of a 3-way battle, the group of heroes move to take down the demon forces and Dong Zhuo's forces, and in the end are victorious. When the battle is over, and Sterk learns of the larger situation going on, he vows to fight alongside the Coalition of Warriors fighting against evil forces.




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