This page is to help give a general guideline for organizing pages.

General LayoutEdit

  • Try to begin an article with the title subject in bold with the Japanese equivalent in a parenthesis - e.g. Felt Blanchimont (フェルト・ブランシモン, Fureto Buranshimon)
  • Write in third person - e.g. use "the player" instead of "you"
  • Do not add personal opinions to the page. (ex: I think this character is annoying). Wikia is an information based site, not opinion based.

Writing the ArticleEdit

Here in the Wiki, all the articles are written in English. That means, we also expect the editors to be at least able to write English properly. Please use proper grammar, capitalization and punctuation, and avoid writing a text wall, which means a very long paragraph.


  • {{Game Infobox}} infobox (box that can be seen on the right side of the page)
  • Introduction: title of the game in bold italics, release date, platforms and small summary.
  • Plot: the setting and story of the game.
  • Gameplay: with different subsections for different aspects (alchemy, exploration, battle system and so on).
  • Characters: a list of the characters of the game, preferably with a brief description about them.
  • Music: composers and released sountracks.
  • Development: details of the development of the game: from its announcement to its launch. Remakes, ports and DLC releases should be included here.
  • Reception: how the game was received by the critic; sales numbers if known.
  • Other media: manga, anime, comics, novels, strategy guides and any other kind of content based on the game of the article.
  • Gallery
  • Trivia
  • References
  • External links: such as the official websites of the game.
  • Navigation box linking to all other Atelier games: {{AMS}}


  • {{Character}} infobox (character box that can be seen on the right side of the page):
  • {{Quote}}
  • Description
  • Role
  • Battle: which includes sub-sections for weapons, armor, skills, etc. for each game where they appear.
  • Gallery
  • Trivia
  • References
  • External Links
  • Character navbox specific to the game the character belongs to 
 |image       =
 |description =
 |jap name    =
 |birthday    =
 |age         =
 |occupation  =
 |height      =
 |weight      =
 |blood       =
 |family      =
 |weapon      =
 |appearances =<small>''[[Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland]]''</small>
 |voice       =
 '''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a [[:Category:Characters|character]] in ''[[Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland]]''.


Enemies Edit

  • {{Atelier Monster}} infobox (box that can be seen on the right side of the page)
  • {{Quote}} (quote is usually found inside of the in-game library to describe each monster)
  • Information
  • Monster navbox specific to the game it belongs to

Locations Edit

  • {{Location}} infobox (box that can be seen on the right side of the page)
  • {{Quote}} (preferred from the in-game library)
  • Introduction: all the pages should start with: <Name> is a <location/town> in <Title of the game(s)>. Other relevant information can be put here (for example: if it's a DLC location).
  • Description: how is the location? where it is?
  • Story: this is about its appearance in the game (or games), what happens there, etc.
  • Locations: a list of the sub-areas within the location. If there is enough content, they can be written as sub-sections rather than in a simple list. If you have a map of the areas, you can put them here.
  • Materials: a list of the items found in the area. If the location has sub-areas, the list can be put in a table.
  • Enemies: a list or a simple table with the name of the enemies, their levels and the sub-areas where they can be found.
  • Quests: tasks (Atelier Totori, Atelier Ayesha), rumors (Atelier Sophie), sub-quests (Atelier Firis), etc. that are done in the area.
  • Residents: a list of the characters that can be found (this is normally for the town pages).
  • Music: which tracks sound in the area.
  • Gallery
  • Trivia
  • References
  • Location navbox specific to the game it belongs to. For example: for Atelier Rorona, the navbox is named "Rorona Locations".

Games Released Only in JapanEdit

For articles that include content from a game released only in Japan, we have a heading that can be used to let readers know that we are translating to English the best way that we can. The code for this heading is: {{Japchar}}

Please use this heading for such articles. This includes games, item lists, characters, endings and any other content related to such games. A list of Japanese only games include:

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