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Tera Bomb is an explosive item which appears in the Atelier series.

Atelier Annie[]

The Tera Bomb is a crate shaped bomb that is used in combat to damage opponents. It deals very heavy damage to one enemy. The Tera Bomb is item #4 in the Item Almanac.

The Tera Bomb is created through Alchemy. It can be synthesized using a Giga Bomb, some Dark Clay and a Dark Clod. The recipe for this item is located in Bomb and I 2.

Atelier Rorona[]

"A big bomb. It's pretty powerful, so be careful when handling it."
Atelier Rorona description

The Tera Bomb is a crate shaped bomb that causes massive amounts of explosive damage over a large area. The default Tera Bomb will, if used in combat, damage the party and cause a party wipe out. The "Narrow Range" trait can be applied to the explosive so that it only hits the enemy. This is an effective tactic when fighting boss enemies, or for winning the Martial Contest at the end of Year 2.

The recipe book containing the recipe for the Tera Bomb is in a treasure chest located in the Ster Highlands. Esty may request this from the castle as a possible Front Quest, and Sterk may ask for one as part of his Friend Quests. Because it is a bomb, it can be registered at Hagel's using wholesale.

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