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Time limit is a feature present in most of the titles. It is a system that determines the progression of the game.


When a time limit is present, actions like synthesizing, gathering, traveling and fighting consume time.

The player usually has to complete certain objectives before the limit to advance in the story. Not achieving the objectives in time usually leads to a bad ending.


Atelier Marie[]

Atelier Elie[]

Atelier Lilie[]

Atelier Viorate[]

Atelier Iris 3[]

Atelier Rorona[]

In Atelier Rorona, the player is given assignments every three months to prevent her workshop from being closed. Assignments are always present in the three-year time limit.

Atelier Totori[]

In Atelier Totori, the player is given a three-year limit to achieve a certain adventurer rank. If the required rank is achieved in time, at the end of the third year, the time limit will be extended by two more years.

Atelier Meruru[]

In Atelier Meruru, the initial time limit is three years. At the end of the three year period, an extension of two years will be given if the player was able to improve the population of Arls. If the extension is granted, another two years will be granted. This additional time is used for specific character endings and any other side content that could not be completed previously.

Atelier Ayesha[]

Ayesha has a three-year time limit to find her lost sister Nio. When this is achieved, the player will have free time to do what they want (secondary events, exploration, synthesis, etc.) until the time limit runs out.

Atelier Escha & Logy[]

Like in Atelier Rorona, the player is given assignments every four months, and they are present during three years. There is an extra fourth year which allows the player to complete previous unfinished secondary tasks and which only has one main objective.

Atelier Firis[]

Atelier Firis partially reintroduces the time limit (which wasn't present in Atelier Shallie and Atelier Sophie). There are two time limits in the game:

  • At the beginning of the game, a month to complete certain tasks.
  • After that, one year to undertake the alchemist license exam in the city of Reisenberg.

If the test is passed, the player will have free time without any time limit.

Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings[]

Largely absent, however, the test to increase alchemy rank to Rank B is a competition between Lydie & Suelle Malen and their father Roger and has a thirty day time limit.