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Traveler's Way is a location in Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland and Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland.

Atelier Rorona[]

Travel time to area: 4 Days

Iksel Event: Sour Apple

Map information[]

Area Name Travel Time Main Ingredients Enemy Alerts Notes
Ear Puni Path 1 Day Uni, Fest Ear Puni
Water Station 1 Day Water Peon, Ear Puni Bomb: Leads to Bag Bomb (30)
Vulture Nest 3 Day Some Egg Vulture, Roc (Strong) Treasure: Healing Salve (70)
Cloud River 2 Day Cotton Flower Peon, Vulture, etc.
Griffon Habitat 2 Day Quake Crystal, Cotton Flower Griffon
Bandit Area 3 Day Quake Crystal, Milky Sap Bandit, Peon
Shady Way 2 Day Eiche, Magic Grass
Fruit Garden 1 Day Sour Apple Boss (Strong) Treasure: Ingot (Dry Metal) (80)

Atelier Totori[]

The area is called Traveler's Path and is within the Outskirts of Arland area. It takes 3 days to reach from Arland.

The powerful Griffon enemy is encountered here, which will award Totori with 30 Adventurer Points when slain. 

Map Information[]

Name Ingredients Enemies
Traveler's Path Mudhead, Distill Stone, Cotton Flower, Water (from well) Ear Puni, Audra, Griffon