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Ulrika Mulberry is the main female protagonist in Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy, while the main male protagonist is Razeluxe Meitzen.




Ulrika is a cheerful but somewhat forgetful person. Ulrika and her childhood friend Chloe Hartzog arrive at Al-Revis Academy as Ulrika hopes to learn more about alchemy. She was given a "Mana Egg" in her childhood, which she has been taking care of for 10 years. She wishes for the Mana to hatch so that she too can have her own Mana and become a famous alchemist. 

She tends to act without thinking, and does not see eye-to-eye with Raze in their first encounter. Unusually, Ulrika has some strange "disease" (Congenital Puni Aphasic Disorder) that makes her unable to understand Punis. In her ending, she has established a workshop, which is unfortunately not going as well as she would have hoped.

Her Mana Egg eventually hatches into Uryu, a mysterious Mana that nobody seems to know about. Because of it's rarity, she must protect Uryu to ensure he is not stolen.

She is nicknamed Country Bumpkin by Lily, due to her southern accent. She has nicknamed Lily "Ms. Fancypants", and Raze's nickname is "Jerktown". She competes with Raze and the members of his workshop throughout the course of the game.

In the U.S. version of the game, Ulrika speaks with a typical Texas drawl, giving one the impression that she's some sort of clueless country bumpkin going to a presitigious academy. This is considered unusual as she spoke in a normal way in the Japanese version and was not given any particularly unique speech pattern or dialect.

Battle Tips[]

Ulrika's main power does not rely on damage, but rather on status abnormalities. Her Cannon Ball can deal lots of status problems and her Magic Hammer can cause the Seal status. She is not a decent magic attacker, but her support attacks are not to be underestimated. Her Healing Reverb is especially powerful, for it can heal lots of HP, and it is repeated mutiple times in combat due to being a time skill. Since Ulrika is specialized in support moves, it is advised to give her powerful common skills since her magic attack is only slightly below Chloe's. Her maximum support defense also can block every magic attack. However, unlike Puniyo, despite her healing rate is higher than the latter, she can't heal status ailments.

Battle Quotes[]

  • "Alright, we got the first strike!" - First Strike
  • "Eugh, they look tough..." - First strike, big enemy
  • "Go!" - Cannon Ball
  • "Cheer up!" - Healing Echo / Healing Reverb
  • "Mana's protection!" - Elemental Shield
  • "Let's get' em!" - Unite Mode
  • "No problem!" - Attack Support
  • "Don't hurt me!" - Defense Support
  • "Suck it up!" - using healing item
  • "Everyone, watch this!" - Intimate Guard, Spiritual
  • "Uryu, please!" - Finishing Strike, Mana Guidance
  • "I can switch now!" - Ready to switch
  • "This is pretty bad..." - Low on HP
  • "Alright, I won!" - Victory


  • Magic Hammer: Ulrika learns this from the start. Changes her magic stone into a hammer. Inflicts seal status.
  • Cannon Ball: Throw a ball of magic. Inflicts all abnormalities.
  • Elemental Shield: Protects the ally vanguard from element attacks.
  • Healing Echo / Healing Reverb: Heals the ally vanguard. Time-sphere skill.
  • Intent to Destroy: Uryu released half of it's power to the enemy. Double-up skill.
  • Saffron Shot: Ulrika's first Intimate Strike.
  • Mjolnir Stamp: Ulrika's second Intimate Strike
  • Spiritual: Ulrika's Intimate Guard.
  • Mana Guidance: Finishing Strike. Released Uryu's true form and full power.
  • Special Co-op Skill: Protector of Light and Darkness. Only can be initiated if Ulrika and Raze are in the same party. Make Ulrika does the second Intimate Strike. Use both Ulrika and Raze in this special Co-op Skill.