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Werner Gretenthal is a character appearing in Atelier Lilie: The Alchemist of Salburg 3.

Werner is the owner of the General Store, although he doesn't seem to be very good at running a store. His inventory is never steady, and it often doesn't contain anything at all. He's not very sociable, although he is not rude or mean spirited. Despite this, he seems to be popular with young women.[2] He is a childhood friend of Karin Fabrik.[3]

He'll sell Lilie many antiques that can then be sold on to nobles for profit. Visiting his shop regularly to check out his ever changing stock is a good option if the player is trying to save up for the academy construction on their own. He also sells rare item that can be used for alchemy, as well as tools and books.

After increasing friendship with Werner, he can be hired as an adventurer.[4] He uses knives in battle.[5]

Shop Inventory[6][]

Item Cost
Centrifuge 900
Loupe 400
Mysterious Bracelet 500
Athanol 1000
Bellows Barter
Animal Stories 700
Psychology of Love and Friendship 1200
Charismatic Bomber 1800
Star Fragment 50
Snake Skin 280
Ole's Egg 900
Consellation Board 100
Globe of the Globe
Adora's Feather 680
Zarra 160
Dragon's Fossil 880
Droplets of the Moon 380
Landau 20
Crisp Fruit
Rune of Red 1600
The Legendary Calender 800
Desert Flowers 3200
Missing Sword 2200
The Royal Key 60
Fairy Armor 4800
Dragon's Bell 2000
White Runes 1600
Plate of Tradition 2600


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