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Zeldalia is a supporting character in Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana.

Zeldalia is one of the most powerful alchemist in the old times, and is also a witch. She was once friends with Daphne and Mull, until Mull betrayed them.

She currently lives inside the Popo's forest with the cat-girl, Norn. She found Norn as a wild cat and transformed her into a girl, which makes her Norn's surrogate mother. She gives Norn the ability to communicate and use magical abilities. When far away, she actually uses Norn as a "telephone", and she is able to communicate through her.

Although she may look young, but she is a lot older than you think thanks to her amazing powers. Although her alchemical skills have maintained her superficial youth, the weight of time has taken its toll on her, and she constantly suffers from a bad hip.